We are runners who have long longed for running apparel that we actually wanted to wear. Clothing that was a little bit interesting - maybe even a little subversive - but clothing that used modern materials for optimum performance.  Frustrated with what out there, we took matters into our own hands and, so, from the summer of 2010 we set about creating a range of T-shirts that we felt matched our and, we dared to assume, your personalities.

From idea to realisation was a little tougher and took a lot longer than we had envisaged, but we carried on, buoyed by our mission to bring quality merchandise to the populace.  And so, on November 11th, 2011 at exactly eleven minutes past eleven o'clock (yeh! 11:11 11.11.11) we launched our first range of five t-shirts designs, in different colourways, which offered thirteen different t-shirts to choose from.

Just as important to us as form, was function, and following this, each Tee is made from high performance sweat-wicking material to ensure maximum comfort and temperature regulation.

We are looking at expanding our range of Tees (before branching into other areas of running apparel) - taking inspiration from running; from other sports; from the music we listen to.

We hope you enjoy running in our Tees as much as we do.